Texas Homeowners Insurance: A Policy of Its Own

Jacksonville, TX is a beautiful area surrounded by Lake Jacksonville, where residents and visitors enjoy fishing, skiing, outdoor activities and camping trips. There are also a number of attractions that draw visitors, such as bowling, skating and going to the rodeo or Tomato Fest. Although there are many things to do and see, inclement weather can be of concern.

Filled with a rich history, this piece of Texas is known for having some of the largest bass mouth fishing experiences in East Texas. Family-friendly shops and restaurants are a normal staple in this town, and the homes are attractive and meet every price point.

If you’re a resident of Jacksonville, TX or are considering buying a home in the area, having a homeowners insurance policy that will protect you and your family is important when living so close to the water. When disaster strikes, you want to be prepared. Living close to the water can also cause your policy to increase, based on proximity and state regulations. Working with a knowledgeable agent will give you all the information you need to make those important decisions.

If you have additional structures or valuables in your home, you may need a homeowners insurance policy that is greater than the standard. Knowing the worth of your items is key. A good agent will assess your belongings and structures to ensure you have the best policy that meets your budget.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you do not have the coverage you need. As the seasons progress throughout the year, unexpected emergencies can crop up at any time. Be proactive in protecting your home and your family. For information on insurance policies in the 75766 area, contact our agency today!

The Car Insurance Buyer’s Guide

The 75766 zip code contains a variety of travel opportunities for visitors, and many local citizens enjoy city attractions while traversing hillsides, riveting outdoor locations and the 300-acre Cherokee Trace Drive-Thru Safari and Zip Line Tours. Jacksonville, TX attractions have inspired imaginative journeys, and River Run Park has facilitated an exotic community through its many destination gems.

Getting the Best Coverage, and Finding the Best Provider

When fortifying automotive safety, you’ll likely consider automotive insurance. However, insurance rates vary, and some plans cost more than others. Finding cheap car insurance quotes may be simple, but understanding several, fundamental factors can “make or break” a wallet. Before contacting insurance agencies, check out these fundamental “rules” for insurance purchasing:

Rule 1: Understand Your Needs
On a basic level, this rule may be easily adhered to. You require financial protection, and you intend to protect both assets and liabilities while guarding yourself and family members from danger. When acquiring auto insurance for the first time, gravitate towards the following:

  • Flexible plans gravitating around current coverage
  • Plans covering “lifestyle-specific” areas, like camping, commuting or carpooling
  • Family plans

Rule 2: Obtain Comprehensive Coverage
“Comprehensive”, in this case, refers to a plan capable of covering multiple situations. Automotive insurance should cover vehicle collision damage, environmental damage, theft and fire damage. Similarly, a comprehensive plan covers repair and medical bills associated with non-fault accidents.

When seeking coverage plans, don’t forget to consider “intangible” coverage for lawsuits, loss of life quality and undue restrictions from vehicle loss. Utility is important, and non-physical damage may hard your lifestyle more than injury.

Rule 3: Know Your Rates
Insurance companies often evaluate a vehicle owner’s background when calculating a rate. Normally, driving records, lifestyle and vehicle mileage are considered. When examining our expansive quote collection, consider the following options:

  • Reduced deductible payments
  • Auto insurance discounts
  • Reward programs based upon “safe” driving habits

While insurance laws differ from area to area, accessing our agent’s provided resources guarantees an expansive outlook on industry standards and options. Remember: automotive insurance is customizable, and great options are often a click away.

3 Questions to Ask When Getting a Commercial Insurance Quote for Your Landscaping Business

Are you thinking about starting your own landscaping company in Jacksonville, TX? Before you begin servicing property owners in the 75766 zip code, you will want to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage. Here are three questions to ask when getting commercial insurance quotes for your landscaping business.

#1: What Types of Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

Owning and operating a landscaping business often requires multiple commercial business insurance policies to ensure you are fully covered. The three most common types of policies contractors in this field need are:

  • General Liability Policy: This type of policy protects you against liability claims from property owners over accidents and mishaps. Examples of this would include situations where you damage a fence with a piece of lawn equipment or accidentally kill someone's prize-winning rose bush.
  • Worker's Compensation Policy: This type of policy covers your employees medical costs and lost wages should an accident happen to them on the job. In Texas, this type of coverage is required by law.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance Policy: You will most likely have to drive from one customer's location to another. Having a commercial auto policy is key to keeping you (and your vehicles) protected while on the road.

#2: Do I Have to Have Commercial Insurance to Operate My Landscaping Business?

With exception to worker's compensation insurance, you do not have to have commercial insurance to operate your company. However, taking on that additional risk can leave you open to a personal lawsuit and significant financial loss should there be any sort of mishap while running your business.

#3: How Will My Equipment Be Covered?

A special type of insurance coverage for business property covers things like lawnmowers, leaf blowers, and other yard care specific items. This is usually obtained through a businessowner package policy (BOP) that puts together your general liability policy and personal property together.

Of course, in any situation with insurance, contacting local insurance agencies to review your exact needs is always recommended.