Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Your pet is a member of your family and you want to take all steps possible to keep him safe. As Texas temperatures increase and the summer sun beats down, Integra Insurance Services offers special tips to keep your furry friend cool during the dog days of summer.

Party in a Pet Friendly Way

Summertime fun often comes standard with barbecuing and alcohol—pleasurable for people but not so much for pets. Parties with loud music, large groups, and hot coals can be a dangerous combination for dogs and cats. Keep animals in a quiet place indoors during get-togethers to avoid accidental escape as well as burns or toxins. And remember, even the sweetest pooch can bite out of fear if they are overwhelmed by a big crowd of people.

Keep Them Cool

Try to keep your pet in the shade on hot days to prevent overheating and keep plenty of fresh water available at all times. If you will be outdoors for a long time, consider filling a child’s pool just an inch or two (changing the water as it gets warm) and let your dog lounge.

Be Bug Wary

Some bugs can be harmful to dogs. Mosquitoes carry the risk of heartworm. Bees, wasps, and even caterpillars can cause nasty stings. Ticks come with a wide variety of dangerous diseases. Use a vet-approved pest preventative on your pet when recommended.

Protect Their Paws

If you can’t stand barefoot without the heat burning your feet, then your pet can’t either. Walk pets in the grass whenever possible, and if they have to walk on hot surfaces use paw pad protectors.

Sometimes illness or injury can occur even if you take every precaution to protect your pet. Contact Integra Insurance Services today to learn how pet insurance can help cover vet bills when Rover sneaks out to grab a burger from the grill.