Protecting your home’s foundation

Huntington, Texas is a beautiful rural area that welcomes quiet living. With such a small population, the residents are close-knit and enjoy a variety of activities. Hiking is a big pastime, with the McKinney Falls State Park, Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve and Summit Trail all nearby.

With Huntington, Texas being such a rural area, flooding or other inclement weather conditions may occur. This causes the earth to change underneath your housing foundation, causing you to experience a sinking feeling. While many people consider this the “settling” of your home, it may be something that requires your attention. If your porch is sinking, or other parts of your home, checking your homeowners insurance policy to make sure you have coverage is important. You don’t want to put your home or family in jeopardy.

A good agent will be able to help you understand or acquire a policy that has provisions for these types of unexpected emergencies. Anything can happen, and you want to make sure you and your family are prepared. Your agent will give you options that will help you stay within your budget while making sure your home is within compliance and safety requirements.

Being proactive in checking your policy before you need it will help you avoid any headaches. With the help of your agent, you will be able to avoid the unwanted time and expense of having to pay for repairs out-of-pocket. Take the time to protect your home’s foundation. Every homeowners insurance policy is not equipped to handle foundation repairs. Don’t put yourself in this position! Consult with our agents today to make sure you have the best coverage you can obtain to keep you ready for any unexpected situation.

New Drivers and Insurance: The Basics, the Benefits and the Options

Huntington Texas is home to a wide array of restaurants and local hotpots, and both residents and visitors often relish in the area’s accommodating spots. Whether you’re looking for a weekend getaway or annual activities centered around the “Gateway to Lake Sam Rayburn”, Huntington offers a wealth of opportunities within its city and northwest areas.

New Drivers and Auto Insurance

While growing areas leave little to the imagination due to its spiraling city-streets and active lifestyle, new drivers will likely explore a location’s benefits upon receiving a learners permit. New drivers, while guided by parents, require protection, and obtaining car insurance is a vital step towards independence and vehicle ownership.

Running insurance rates, maintaining connections with agents and beginning a viable path may seem overwhelming, but obtaining adequate coverage is important. Whether you’re new to driving or have a fledgling vehicle owner in your household, understanding automotive insurance “basics” benefits both the owner and those around them.

Understanding Rates

New drivers should run insurance tab rates annually. If you’re diligent about checking policy requirements and options, you can obtain affordable premiums, save on current insurers and locate expansive coverage.

When deciding upon insurance options, remember to consider the following, important, factors for new drivers:

•Towing options

•Raised deductible options for low long-term costs

•Repair coverage

Understanding Coverage and Premiums

Often, new drivers selecting coverage options need to consider overall costs. If you’re a new driver, or, if you’re assisting one of your children through college, overall costs should be reduced for ease of accessibility. Different vehicles carry different premiums, and different agents cover different vehicle models. When armed with information, obtaining a great deal is easy. To obtain the best “bang for your buck”, opt towards the following options:

•No monthly payments

•Divided premium payments

•External company processing fees

•Automatic payment setup

Automotive insurance is available for all drivers, and our expansive database encompasses quotes, data and logistics pertinent to affordable, feasible insurance coverage. Our expert service providers are capable of offering custom-tailored results, so new drivers have high accessibility with low overall costs.

Protect Your Boat Like It’s A Car

Huntington, Texas is a rural area where residents have a number of activities to keep them busy. A small town, you can enjoy the simple life while being close enough to the big city. Outdoor recreation is big in this area, and you will find a number of boats, RVs and other vehicles that will keep residents and visitors occupied.

When having a boat, it is important to have adequate bot insurance and other equipment to ensure your watercraft is covered. A boat has its own type of policy, but is still a motor vehicle that has to be licensed for operation. Staying in compliance with the law is key. If you have a boat ramp attached to your property, or you travel with a boat ramp, it is imperative to have these insured as well. It is not uncommon for boats to hit unseen objects in the water, or to have water accidents. Being proactive can save you time and money.

Speaking with a knowledgeable agent to assess your needs is important. They will be able to explain all the coverage options available to make sure you find solutions that work within your budget and provide the protection you need for yourself, your family and any guests you may have on your boat.

Boat insurance is a specialized policy with premiums usually based on certain criteria such as size, amenities and other factors. An agent will be able to provide quotes based on your needs, alleviating the purchase of a policy that does not fit your requirements. For the best options in boat insurance, contact an insurance agent to have at least the state required minimum. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Do Small Businesses Need Commercial Insurance?

Renowned for Collis Potter's Southern Pacific Railroad, Huntington Texas, called “the Gateway to Lake Sam Rayburn” by locals, passes through over two miles of unforgettable destinations. Visitors enjoy family-friendly experiences while booking hotel packages, and many locals have enjoyed the area’s temperate environment near West Maple Street—one of the area’s thriving social hubs.


The Small Business Boom


In recent years, small businesses have thrived, and many aspiring entrepreneurs have consolidated assets while becoming increasingly maneuverable. While expansion is important, protection is necessary, and small business owners often raise a question when establishing a company: “Do small businesses need commercial insurance?”


Legal Requirements and Coverage


In short: Yes, small businesses require commercial insurance coverage. While coverage options differ based upon geo-centric factors, business legally require coverage to maintain operations. Commercial insurance’s basic form ensures protection from pitfalls, legal liabilities and damages. Fortunately, selecting a viable insurance plan is relatively easy, and different protection levels are available.


Employer’s Liability


Employer’s liability refers to a small business owner’s responsibility to both their establishment and employees. Small businesses, regardless of size, maintain commercial insurance coverage to support:


  • Employee illness and injury

  • City legislation requirements

  • Health regulations and standardization

  • Compensation distribution and difference


Important Policy Information


When searching our database for insurance quotes, our agent will assist searches for commercial insurance. While obtaining a quote is simple, understanding policy dynamics should be a priority. Small businesses are legally required to keep relevant documents, so don’t forget to maintain records.


Additionally, if your business maintains distant employees, you’ll need information pertaining to extended policies and other state regulations. Often, businesses operating vehicles require “fleet coverage” to protect employees. While assisted by our industry expert, remember to research regulations pertaining to accountants, lawyers and financial advisors. Often, small businesses rely heavily upon a consolidated inner network, and several benefits may be applicable to these leading positions.

Do I Need Commercial Insurance for My Texas Home Based Business?

One of the most common questions Huntington policyholders ask insurance agents is whether owning a home based business requires a full commercial insurance policy. This is a difficult question to answer and there are many variables that whether this type of policy is actually warranted. Usually, it depends on the type of business you are operating and how much commercial activity actually goes on inside your residence. Here are a few things to know.

Homeowners Policies Usually Exclude Small Business Endeavors

In Texas, most homeowners policies exclude small business endeavors. This means that, in certain scenarios, you would not have coverage should a claim occur. For example, keeping a room filled with inventory for your business and your home burns to the ground. You may not have coverage for reimbursement for the damaged items because they were part of your home based business.

Home Based Business Riders Are Often Available

Usually, small businesses where you are selling another company’s product do not need a specific commercial policy. This includes personal care products (vitamins, cosmetics, and wellness), houseware items, children’s products, etc. In this case, a home based business rider added onto your existing homeowners policy would be your best bet. This covers any inventory inside your home, including things in the garage and your vehicle.

Commercial Insurance Policies May Be Needed in Certain Cases

In certain cases, talking to commercial insurance agents might be necessary. You will want to contact a Huntington agent directly if you are in an industry that requires:

  • Professional liability insurance (such as contractors, doctors, and lawyers)
  • Product insurance (such as manufacturers of consumer products)

Of course, every situation requires in-depth review the ensure you have adequate coverage—both personally and professionally. Speaking with your local agent is always the best way to determine the correct path to take.

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